Pigeon Baby Starter Kit Softouch PPSU Bundle Set (Promo)

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Pigeon Baby Starter Kit Softouch PPSU Bundle Set

Pigeons' range of wide-neck feeding bottles now includes the highly acclaimed Peristaltic PLUS teat the result of extensive research in latching, peristaltic movement, and swallowing.

The Peristaltic PLUS teat aims to be the closest teat to a mother's nipple to reduce nipple confusion and promote easy bottle feeding. Made from BPA-free, medical grade PPSU plastic
in an ergonomic design. Includes an SS Teat.

This bundle set includes:
1. Pigeon Softouch PPSU 160ml (SS) Bear x4pcs
2. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser 200ml x1pc
3. Pigeon Baby Wipes Moisturing Cloths 70s, Single Pack x1pc
4. (K578) Pigeon Comb & Brush x1pc
5. Pigeon Newborn Pure Travel Set 50ml x1pc
6. Pigeon Brush for Stretchable Silicone Nipple (JP Version) x1pc
7. Pigeon Cotton Swabs Extra Thin Paper Stem PP Hinged Case (200pcs) x1pc
8. (K807) Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors for Newborn Baby
9. Pigeon Hand & Mouth Wet Tissue, 20s 2 in 1 Bag x1pc