Pigeon Natural Botanical Dry Bamboo Wipes 70 Sheets (1/2/4/6/8 Boxes)(Promo)

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Natural Botanical Dry Bamboo Wipes are made from 100% bamboo material that is ultra soft and durable. It does not contain chemicals and fragrances, minimising chances of skin irritation to delicate or sensitive skin. Enjoy the versatility of using the wipes dry, or instantly transform them into wet, chemical-free wipes with your trusted water source. The multi-purpose feature makes it perfect for all your family’s needs. It can be used to delicately cleanse baby’s skin during bath time, for breastfeeding mothers to use while nursing, or as an elder care wipe. Additionally, since they are biodegradable, this eco-friendly option makes you less guilty about grabbing more!

How to use the product:

Open reclosable lid cover, and gently pull wipes as needed. Keep cover close after every use to prevent dust and dirt. Do not flush wipes.


100% bamboo (plain) material


Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and seek treatment from doctor. *Using wipes on any surface does not render the surface free of microbes. Laboratory tested according to United States Pharmacopoeia 2020 USP 43.