Pigeon Stretchable Silicone Nipple Brush

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A brush that can clean the inside of the nipple as well.

A special brush with a shape that is perfect for breastfeeding nipples. It also cleans the fine grooves on the back of the nipple.


A fine urethane sponge that does not damage delicate nipples.

Easy-to-grip handle with a gentle curve. It has a hook hole for hygienic storage.

2 bottles included.


Care for Nipples

• After breastfeeding, soak the baby in warm water and wash it carefully with a Pigeon Baby Bottle Washer. Insufficient cleaning may cause odor and stickiness.

• Nipples are delicate. In particular, the rubber on the suction hole is thin, so there is a risk of it breaking through. When washing the nipple, press the tip of the nipple with your finger while washing.

• Use both hands to gently rub and wash the vent valve, vent hole, and suction hole. If you wash it strongly or pull it, the valve will tear and cause leakage.


Precautions for use

• Replacement guideline: Approximately 1 month *The brush is a consumable item. If it becomes worn or dirty, replace it with a new one.

• Twisting or pulling the sponge by pressing it against the nipple too much may cause it to tear or tear.

• After use, be sure to rinse the detergent thoroughly, drain the water, and dry the product away from direct sunlight.

• Boiling, microwave, chemical disinfection is not possible.


※Pigeon Breastfeeding Counseling Room Nipples and Magmagnipples (nipples) can also be used.

* Cannot be used with Pigeon slim type nipples.



Brush: Polyurethane (Heat resistant temperature: 80°C)

Handle: Polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature: 120°C)


Quantity: 2 pieces