SmarTrike x Kelly Anna STR7 Stroller Trike (Limited Edition)

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While encouraging physical engagement is important, we also understand that especially at young ages, visual stimulus is a crucial part of early development. With that understanding in mind, we set out to find the perfect partner to help us design the STR7 Stroller Trike. And we found her. Kelly Anna - an artist, mother, and designer living in East London.

The two STR7 designs from Kelly Anna go hand-in-hand and tell the story of early development in young children.

-Effortless one-handed steering
-The only stroller-certified stroller-trike
-Shock absorbers to provide the smoothest ride and protect your child from obstacles along the way
-Take control or give your kids control of the trike with the press of a button.


Length: 102cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 98.55cm
Product model: STR7
Age: 6 m+
Box width: 30cm
Box length: 63.5cm
Box height: 39cm
Box weight:10.4kg